Embed from Getty Images In the spirit of Kinderboekenweek, here is a picture of a child surrounded by books

Every year the Netherlands celebrates the children of their country with a week called Kinderboekenweek (children’s book week). During this week the Dutch come together to celebrate children’s books. Many newly published children’s books are released and people donate children’s books to Dutch schools and libraries. Now this annual tradition has found its way to America.

The Dutch School Los Angeles, located in North Hollywood, put on their own Kinderboekenweek. On October 25, the Dutch community came together and donated almost 200 books to the school. The students can now use these books in their classes and check them out to read at home.

People participated in various activities at this Dutch festivity. There was tug of war, bobbing for apples, and a Dutch game known as koekhappen. In this game you hang a Dutch spiced bread (ontbijtkoek) from a string and you have to try and yank it off the string with only your mouth. It takes some true Dutch talent to complete it!

So here’s to celebrating Dutch children’s books!

bottom two photos taken by: Martin Kast